Our Team

Andrew Bradway – President Andy@www.bradwaytrucking.com

Somewhere there is a picture of a three-year-old Andy Bradway and his brothers in coveralls, starting their careers at Bradway Trucking. Today Andrew Bradway is the President of Bradway Trucking. He is the son of company founder Melvin Bradway, and has been in the trucking industry his entire life.

Andy got started in his young life servicing trucks, performing maintenance services such as changing oil and brake jobs. Like his brothers, when he reached a legal age he obtained his license and performed local driving duties with Bradway. When the company bought their current space in 1993, Andy oversaw the running of the shop, including purchasing equipment and parts. He performed well enough for Mom and Dad to promote him to President of the company.

Andy Bradway believes in treating drivers with respect, paying them well, and giving them great equipment to drive. From his years in the industry, Andy understands the value of having drivers be satisfied with their careers.

Mike Bradway – Vice President

Mike started sweeping out freight vans after school and cleaning the garage, then worked into being a grease monkey, greasing the trucks in the fleet between school and racing motorcycles on Sunday. After greasing trucks Michael computerized the office and started in the accounts payable department in the office then into payroll and billing. After days working in the office he would jump in a truck and spot empty and loaded trailers back and forth to the terminal in the evenings. To present day Vice President and office manager handling day to day finances and computer technology and maintenance.

Shawn Wilson – Director of Safety/Recruiting

Shawn is an experienced operations manager with vast experience in Supply Chain, Transportation, Logistics, and Facility Management. Shawn has worked for several large companies as an operation and transportation manager and has worked as a transportation consultant. He brings over 40 years of experience and has worked for Bradway since 2018.

Vaughn Pfeifer – Lead Dispatcher Dispatch@www.bradwaytrucking.com

Vaughn has worked at national companies and brings his 15 year experience to Bradway. He has worked with Bradway since July of 2014.

Rachel Bradway – Dispatcher

Rachel is a third generation Bradway employee…she is the daughter of Andrew and the granddaughter of Melvin and Rosemarie Bradway. Rachel started at the young age of 19 and has come up to speed faster than anyone at Bradway, showing a strong willingness to learn and take criticism (even if it “takes a while to accept” in her words). She performs daily as a dispatcher but is cross-trained in every office department.

AJ Bradway – Dispatcher






Amy Schulz – Scheduling CoordinatorScheduling@www.bradwaytrucking.com

As the Scheduling Coordinator at Bradway, Amy is the direct link between our company and our customers. She communicates with companies in need of freight hauling and handles scheduling and claims. Amy has been with Bradway since August of 2008.

Elizabeth Bradway – Billing

Elizabeth is a Vineland Native, with 15 years in the Administrative/Office management field. In her off times Elizabeth practices Jiu-Jitsu and holds monthly Natural Birth classes for Cumberland County.



Susan Handal – Payroll CoordinatorPayroll@www.bradwaytrucking.com

Susan Handal, our payroll coordinator, has been with Bradway since November of 2006…the longest of all of our office staff. She is in charge of payroll at Bradway. This is Susan’s first transportation company, but she has over 30 years of billing experience and account and office management.

Susan is a proud grandmother who is originally from Millville, NJ, home of Angels outfielder Mike Trout, the best player in major league baseball today. We don’t know if they’ve ever met.

Marion Formica- Asst. Safety DirectorSafety@www.bradwaytrucking.com

Originally from Millville, Marion has been in the transportation business for over 30 years working for larger national companies, but she settled in to work for Bradway since April of 2011. While her official title is Safety Coordinator, Marion handles a multitude of tasks…like ensuring all of the drivers stay legal and handle their logs correctly, and that our fleet stays up to DoT and FMCSA standards.

Marion is also the administrative assistant and “gatekeeper” for Zach Reed when it comes to recruiting… she hooks prospective drivers, and Zach reels them in.

School Staff:

Steven Bradway – Director Of School Operations

Steven Bradway is the son of founder Melvin Bradway, and he has been the head of the Bradway Truck Driving School since its beginnings over two decades ago. Like his brothers Andy and Mike, Steve has done most every job in the company, from dispatch to driving, and has spent time as a driver recruiter for a national trucking company.

Steve’s background makes him ideal for running the school; he understands the importance of going above and beyond when instructing students, and he also understands what national carriers are looking for when hiring drivers.

Kevin Mulutzie – Driving Instructor

Kevin is the Lead Driving Instructor at the Bradway Truck Driving School, and is a Certified New Jersey Truck Driving Instructor. Kevin is a star graduate of the Driving School himself.

Kevin assists student drivers from A to Z – from getting their test passed, obtaining their official truck driving licenses, and honing their skills to become truly successful in a truck driving career. Kevin is also available to help new drivers with road tests.